At­tach doc­u­ments to emails

Adding at­tach­ments to email mes­sages just got whole lot eas­ier in iOS 9

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Use iOS 9 to di­rectly at­tach files to your emails, right from within the Mail app

For many of us, our iPhone or iPad has be­come just as much an es­sen­tial tool for work as a Mac. We use it to make phone calls, send mes­sages, record ap­point­ments, re­search things and, of course, send email.

The last of those tasks, how­ever, has been ham­strung by a glar­ing omis­sion – the in­abil­ity to add at­tach­ments. Sure, you could send a file as an at­tach­ment from within the app where it’s viewed or cre­ated, us­ing share sheets, but you couldn’t add an at­tach­ment to an email in the same way you could on a Mac – while com­pos­ing your mes­sage. That is, un­til now. Of all the new fea­tures in iOS 9, this – for heavy email users, at least – could be the killer fea­ture. If you haven’t al­ready up­graded, this alone might con­vince you to do so.

Adding at­tach­ments in Mail on both the iPhone and iPad is done just as eas­ily as cre­at­ing, typ­ing, and send­ing the mes­sage it­self. How­ever, the way in which you add at­tach­ments dif­fers de­pend­ing on whether you’re us­ing an iPhone or an iPad, though the out­come is the same. Also, de­pend­ing on the type of file, your at­tach­ment may even be dis­played in­line in the body of the email when you send it. Kenny Hem­phill

Of all iOS 9’s new fea­tures, this – for heavy email users, at least – could be the killer fea­ture

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