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I’ve got both the new MacBook and the 5K Retina iMac and for us­ing the in­ter­net I have Sa­fari, Chrome and Fire­fox in­stalled. I use Fire­fox for gen­eral brows­ing but for work I use it for Word­Press and a few im­port func­tions within Word­Press, how­ever it slows ev­ery­thing down and when I run Ac­tiv­ity Mon­i­tor, it tells me that Fire­fox is hog­ging all the RAM.

I’d like to swap over to Chrome or Sa­fari, but book­marks, pass­words, and start-up pages have all been saved for my work things and Chrome for per­sonal things. Is there a way of swap­ping the two over? So I could use Fire­fox or Sa­fari for per­sonal pages and Chrome for work? Rhys Adams

Alan Stone­bridge says… The big browser de­vel­op­ers make this pretty easy. The first thing to do is to ex­port ex­ist­ing book­marks to an HTML files from each of your browsers. For Fire­fox, read­g7QN for in­struc­tions, and for Chrome go to

Next, delete all of your book­marks in one of the browsers, then re­fer to its doc­u­men­ta­tion for in­struc­tions on ei­ther im­port­ing from the other browser’s ex­ported HTML file or direct from that browser it­self. For Fire­fox, choose Book­marks > Show All Book­marks, click the book­mark that shows a star with two ar­rows forming a cir­cle in­side it, choose ‘Im­port Data from An­other Browser’, se­lect Chrome and fol­low the on-screen in­struc­tions.

If you choose to im­port di­rectly into Chrome, click the list-like icon to the right of its ad­dress/search bar, choose Book­marks > Im­port Book­marks and Set­tings, choose Fire­fox and fol­low the on-screen in­struc­tions.

Switch to the other browser. Which­ever it is, you’ll see an­other op­tion, along­side the one you just chose, to im­port book­marks from an HTML file. Point that at the book­marks you ex­ported from the other browser – and that’s it! If you run into any trou­ble, you’ve al­ways got the ex­ported HTML files to fall back on.

Want to swap one browser’s set of book­marks for an­other? It’s a lot eas­ier that you might think!

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