How do I pro­tect my­self from this?

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I never get more than 10 min­utes of use from my Mac. There’s no Dock and no re­sponse. I can’t use ç+å+oe to see what’s hang­ing. SMART Util­ity shows green for all drives. I al­ways have to shut down with the power but­ton.

This is ex­actly the per­for­mance I got from my beige LC, Quadra and 7300 mod­els, making me write them off in 1990s. Now a Mac Pro be­haves the same. Ev­ery browser “didn’t close prop­erly”. I re­sort to switch­ing off the mo­dem, try­ing to pro­tect from sus­pected mal­ware. Not a so­lu­tion. Prob­a­bly in­flam­ing things. Mike Bird This is noth­ing to do with viruses or your browser. Look­ing through your log file, I can see that most of it is taken up with mes­sages from com.ap­ple. launchd, which is the launch dae­mon. It can’t find /Users/Shared/CleanT­wonkyServer­mand, and it re­tries ev­ery 10 sec­onds as long as your Mac is beach­balling. Oc­ca­sion­ally an­other startup item man­ages to grab some pro­ces­sor time, but most of it is hogged by this end­lessly re­peat­ing, doomed com­mand.

TwonkyServer is a me­dia stream­ing app that is bun­dled with some net­work drives, and it looks as though it has been in­com­pletely unin­stalled. Open Ter­mi­nal and type launchctl list to see a list of all the pro­cesses that the launch dae­mon tries to run at startup. In your case I think it’s com.pv.tsunin­stall that’s the prob­lem. Typ­ing sudo launchctl re­move com.pv.tsunin­stall should clear it and get rid of a big cause of the beach­balling.

Your log file shows sev­eral other apps that seem to be caus­ing prob­lems, in­clud­ing Ever­note and In­tego NetBar­rier. Some of the log mes­sages are re­port­ing mem­ory leaks that are nor­mally caused by bugs in the soft­ware, so make sure you check with the de­vel­oper to see if a more up-to-date version is avail­able. For apps you thought you’d unin­stalled, try re­in­stalling them and then us­ing the uninstall util­ity that comes with them. Most Mac apps are self­con­tained and sim­ply drag­ging the app icon to the Trash is all you need to do. But some util­i­ties mod­ify other parts of the sys­tem (to launch helper dae­mons at startup, for ex­am­ple), so al­ways use the ded­i­cated unin­staller, if there is one.

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