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I am one of those users that goes against the grain! The only things I want synced are cal­en­dars, con­tacts and email. I have an iPad and an iPhone 5c, but my Mac mini and iPod are the only de­vices I want mu­sic on. I buy 90% of my mu­sic on CD still and sync my iPod us­ing a ca­ble.

I have no de­sire for iTunes Match or Ap­ple Mu­sic – if I pay for it, I want to own some­thing! I can de­s­e­lect the iCloud down­load col­umn, but have to do it in each playlist. I also see no need for hearts and stars. How can I re­move th­ese in one go from ev­ery­thing? I want to fall in love with iTunes again! Rob Or­ton You won’t want to hear this, but I really think that your best bet is to em­brace change rather than fight it. There are al­ter­na­tives to iTunes but I can’t find one app that will do ev­ery­thing you want, how you want it. There are a few CD rip­pers, like X Loss­less De­coder (http://bit.ly/1Mk­t12n) and Max (sbooth.org/Max) but they are rather old and com­pli­cated.

For MP3 play­ers you have the op­po­site prob­lem: all the ri­vals to the iOS Mu­sic app at­tempt to add more so­cial net­work in­te­gra­tion and stream­ing fea­tures, not fewer. I’m at the head of the queue to com­plain about iTunes’ in­ter­face but I think the al­ter­na­tives would all be worse. You can still use iTunes with­out Ap­ple Mu­sic or iTunes Match though.

You can hide Ap­ple Mu­sic fea­tures in iTunes’ pref­er­ences, un­der Gen­eral and Parental.

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