The Deer God

Sadly, noth­ing to fawn over

Mac Format - - RATED -

One night, a deer hunter dies in the woods. Con­fronted by the Deer God for crimes against na­ture, the hunter is con­demned to eter­nal rein­car­na­tion as a stag. It’s an in­ter­est­ing con­cept, but The Deer God is a dis­as­ter.

Like a real deer, your life ob­jec­tives are un­clear be­sides eat­ing and rut­ting. Un­like a real deer, you can speak to hu­mans and shoot fire­balls. Ev­ery­thing from the in­ven­tory screen to the im­pre­cise con­trols and choppy graph­ics sug­gest a sec­ond-rate iOS port, and the cat­a­strophic bugs out­right con­firm it. Once we tele­ported from a ship’s hold, through the ceil­ing and be­yond space and time, into a croc­o­dile’s jaws. Oh, Deer God, no.

Run­ning with the herd across a meadow in the moon­light is pleas­ant, un­til the next blind jump over a spike pit, or just miles of iden­ti­cal for­est. It’s no Bambi. Alan Wil­liamson A sloppy mess of un­der­cooked veni­son that no one will find ap­petis­ing. A beau­ti­ful dis­as­ter.

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