Write an im­age to a CD or DVD

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If you’re used to burn­ing disk im­ages to op­ti­cal me­dia us­ing Disk Util­ity, you might al­ready have no­ticed the re­vamped veri­son of that app no longer in­cludes such func­tion­al­ity – but you don’t need it there be­cause it can be done from Finder. When you ≈- click an item in Finder, the word­ing of the op­tion to burn what­ever is se­lected changes when a disk im­age, such as a .dmg or a .iso file, is se­lected. Rather than ‘Burn <num­ber> Items to Disc’, the word­ing of the op­tion will change to ‘Burn Disc Im­age <disc name> to Disc’ – that is, not the im­age as a file, but its con­tents.

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