HOWTO | Sched­ule events with iBeeZz

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1 Sched­ule an app

Click Setup, then the + (bot­tom-left). In the panel that opens, set Type to the ac­tion to per­form (Open File can open an app). Set when it should hap­pen. If you’re open­ing an app like EyeTV to record some­thing, check the op­tions that wake or start your Mac from cold. Click OK to con­firm the sched­ule.

2 Sched­ule an iTunes playlist

Set­ting Type to iTunes re­veals more con­trols. Click Playlist, then check the box for ‘Play spe­cific playlist’ and pick one be­low. You can also con­trol the vol­ume of iTunes or the sys­tem, en­sur­ing a sen­si­ble vol­ume early or late in the day. Un­der Op­tions, de­cide on re­peated and shuf­fled play­back.

3 Quit ap­pli­ca­tions

At some point, we’ve all lost track of the time when us­ing a com­puter, throw­ing off our sched­ule. Set­ting an iBeeZz event’s type to ‘Quit Ap­pli­ca­tion’ en­ables you to shove dis­trac­tions like Twit­ter out of the way – al­beit in an abrupt fash­ion – to fo­cus on what mat­ters dur­ing work­ing hours.

4 Sched­ule shut­down times

OS X can sched­ule shut­down for the same time each day, yet iBeeZz al­lows dif­fer­ent ones as sep­a­rate events. Set a time, set Type to Shut­down, and spec­ify days on which it will oc­cur. You can en­force shut­down, so an app can’t pre­vent it (but los­ing un­saved data), and get ad­vance warn­ing of it.

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