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1 Add an at­tach­ment

In Mail, cre­ate a new mes­sage or re­ply to one you’ve re­ceived. Add re­cip­i­ents and type the body of the email. When you’re ready to add an at­tach­ment, tap and briefly hold in the body of the email, then let go. In the menu, find Add At­tach­ment and tap it.

2 Add from iCloud Drive

By de­fault, you’re shown the con­tents of the top level of your iCloud Drive (if it’s en­abled in Set­tings > iCloud). If the item you want to send is in Drive, tap the rel­e­vant folder to open it, then tap the file. It will be at­tached to your mes­sage, just as it would be on your Mac.

3 Add dif­fer­ent sources

If the file you want isn’t on iCloud Drive, tap Lo­ca­tions at the top-left of the panel that opens af­ter you tap Add At­tach­ment. Tap ‘More’ for a list of apps in­stalled on your de­vice that can be used to source an at­tach­ment, and turn on the switch next to any you want to use.

4 Choose a source

You can re­order the apps in the list by tap­ping More, then drag­ging up or down from the three lines to the right of one’s name. When you’re fin­ished, tap Done. You’ll need to tap Lo­ca­tions again to go back to the list and choose a source for the at­tach­ment.

5 Choose the at­tach­ment

Tap the source you want (and sign in, if re­quired for a par­tic­u­lar ser­vice). You’ll be taken to the app; find the file you want and then tap it to at­tach it. Cer­tain file for­mats, such as JPEG and PNG im­ages, are dis­played in­line in emails, but many oth­ers are sim­ply shown as an icon.

6 An iPad short­cut

If you’re us­ing an iPad, just above the top row in its on-screen key­board are shortcuts that save you hav­ing to call up the op­tions bar. They ap­pear af­ter you tap in the mes­sage’s body. Among them is a pa­per clip icon, which en­ables you to browse for an at­tach­ment in just one tap.

7 Mul­ti­ple at­tach­ments

To add more than one at­tach­ment, just re­peat steps 1-5 for each. Sadly there’s no way to choose mul­ti­ple files at once. Each file will be added to your email and its icon, or a pre­view if it’s a sup­ported file type, will be dis­played wher­ever the in­ser­tion point is po­si­tioned.

8 Delete at­tach­ments

If you change your mind af­ter adding an at­tach­ment, you can re­move it by tap­ping on the body of the email, just to the right of the at­tach­ment. You should see the in­ser­tion point flash­ing to the right of it. Next, tap the Delete key on the key­board to re­move the at­tach­ment.

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