10 key steps to bet­ter iPho­neog­ra­phy

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1Use the Lock screen short­cut

You can jump di­rectly to the Cam­era app from the Lock screen by swip­ing up from the cam­era icon at the bot­tom-right cor­ner.

2 3D Touch If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, though, the speed with which Touch ID un­locks your phone might mean you never see the Lock screen! In this case, make sure the Cam­era app is on your first Home screen, then press hard on its icon for a menu that lets you jump to tak­ing a photo, reg­u­lar video, slo-mo video or selfie.

3 Get the ex­po­sure right

Tap some­where on the screen to set fo­cus and ex­po­sure, but since it might not al­ways get the lat­ter (bright­ness, more or less) cor­rect, re­mem­ber that you can slide your fin­ger up and down to man­u­ally boost or re­duce the ex­po­sure.

4 Hold the cam­era se­curely

And not just be­cause you don’t want to drop it! Hold­ing your phone us­ing both hands, el­bows tucked in against your body, helps re­duce cam­era shake. Al­ter­na­tively, use a tri­pod.

5 Avoid the flash

De­spite ad­vances, the flash built into iPhones of­ten pro­duces un­flat­ter­ing re­sults. (It’s not al­to­gether its fault; ideally a flash should be sep­a­rated from the lens, but on the iPhone they’re next to each other.) More of­ten, a ‘noisy’ pic­ture is prefer­able in low light. Tap the light­ning bolt sym­bol and set the flash to Off.

6 Alternate shut­ters

As well as tap­ping the on-screen shut­ter, you can take a pic­ture by press­ing the vol­ume but­tons on the side of your iPhone or on some con­nected head­phones.

7 Zoom with your feet

You tech­ni­cally can zoom with an un­pinch ges­ture, but all that does is crop the photo that is taken – which you can con­trol bet­ter later us­ing the Pho­tos app’s Crop tool. In­stead, sim­ply try to get closer if pos­si­ble.

8 Get man­ual

The built-in Cam­era app doesn’t pro­vide much man­ual con­trol for pros, but there are plenty of al­ter­na­tives, in­clud­ing our favourite, Cam­era+ (£2.29, https://app­sto.re/i6SR7CC), which let you set white bal­ance, ISO and more. Cam­era+ also has a ter­rific macro mode.

9 Edit, edit, edit

The de­fin­i­tive ad­van­tage of shoot­ing on your iPhone is that you can quickly and eas­ily edit your shots, whether it’s to crop, add fil­ters, or per­form ex­ten­sive man­ual tweak­ing. Use this to cre­ate the best pic­tures you can!

10 Take more pho­tos!

You have your iPhone with you al­ways – so use it! You can al­ways delete the shots you don’t want to keep.

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