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Is there an easy way to con­vert a block of text to all up­per or lower case? I know this could prob­a­bly be done with Ap­pleScript or Au­toma­tor, but I’m hop­ing there is a sim­pler so­lu­tion, even if it in­volves a sep­a­rate app, be­cause I haven’t had much suc­cess with Ap­pleScript in the past. Asif Mansur There’s no need for an app be­cause there are sev­eral ways to do this. The sim­plest is to hold ≈, click a se­lected block of text and then move the pointer over Trans­for­ma­tions. This sub­menu of­fers a choice of up­per case, lower case or cap­i­tal­is­ing ev­ery word.

That method can be a bit la­bo­ri­ous if you use it a lot, so you may want to as­sign a key­board short­cut. Go to the Key­board pref­er­ence pane and click the Shortcuts tab. In the left-hand pane, se­lect App Shortcuts, se­lect All Ap­pli­ca­tions on the right, and then click the + icon be­low that pane. In the box la­belled Menu Ti­tle, type ‘Make Lower Case’ (with­out the quotes). Now click in the Key­board Short­cut box and press the key com­bi­na­tion you want to use, which needs to in­clude at least one mod­i­fier key – that is, ç, å or ≈.

The ad­van­tage of set­ting up key­board shortcuts is that they will work in any app that has a menu item called ‘Make Lower Case’, re­gard­less of where it is found in the menu bar. The three trans­for­ma­tions that ap­pear in Tex­tEdit’s con­tex­tual menu are also avail­able in the menus of many other Mac apps, in­clud­ing Finder and Sa­fari.

When an app doesn’t sup­port OS X’s text trans­for­ma­tions, you can set up shortcuts to the app’s own, if it has some.

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