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Get hands-on con­trol of your Mac from any­where

Con­nect to a com­puter

The back ar­row dis­con­nects your ses­sion and re­turns you to a list of dif­fer­ent com­put­ers you can con­nect to. The icon to its right gives you the op­tion of au­to­mat­i­cally zoom­ing in or out to fit height or width, or us­ing full-screen mode.

Type from afar

You can tap any­where that it’s pos­si­ble to en­ter text, as if you clicked it with a mouse or track­pad, and then, with the vir­tual key­board open, type as if you were at your Mac. This is a great way to con­trol apps that don’t have a ded­i­cated re­mote con­trol app for iOS.

Ad­vanced and Macro menus

You can send more ad­vanced com­mands to your Mac, such as past­ing text from Re­moter VNC on your iOS de­vice to the re­mote Mac, drag­ging through an area of the screen to make a mul­ti­ple se­lec­tion, or switch­ing be­tween mon­i­tors. The Macro menu lets you record sets of ac­tions that can be re­peated with a sin­gle tap, which greatly speeds up repet­i­tive tasks that might oth­er­wise be­come te­dious.

Mouse cus­tomi­sa­tion

Th­ese icons al­ter how a sin­gle tap on the screen is in­ter­preted: se­lect, click, click and dou­ble-click. There’s also a full-screen op­tion here, which hides Re­moter VNC’s var­i­ous shortcuts.

The vir­tual track­pad

Tap this to re­veal a vir­tual track­pad. This has two ar­eas, the first of which is a 360-de­gree pad for reg­u­lar scrolling in any di­rec­tion with the mouse. There’s a nar­rower strip to the right, which is used to scroll up and down in any win­dow where that is pos­si­ble.

The vir­tual key­board

You can call up the vir­tual key­board to send text in­put to the Mac. This is ac­tu­ally held in a pre­view win­dow on your iOS de­vice as you type, and only sent when you hit the Re­turn key on Re­moter VNC’s key­board. This pre­vents lag or other is­sues oc­cur­ring be­tween the key­board and the area on the Mac into which you’re typ­ing.







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