two apps side by side

El Cap­i­tan now lets you run a pair of apps in tan­dem on a sin­gle full screen

Mac Format - - 2016 -

1. Max your app

Start by click­ing the green but­ton at the top-left cor­ner of one of the two apps you want to use to switch it to full-screen mode. Don’t worry about the menu bar dis­ap­pear­ing: mov­ing the pointer to the top of the screen will re­veal it.

2. Add your sec­ond app

Press the Mis­sion Con­trol key (la­belled F3), then hold å and click on your pre­vi­ous space in the top bar (which ex­pands to shown spa­ces when you put the pointer over it). Now you can see the win­dows in that space, drag one from a sec­ond app on to the first app’s space in the top bar.

3. Reap­por­tion space

As you drag the win­dow over the space, you have a choice of drop­ping it onto the left or right side. Make that choice, and then click that space.

The two apps now sit side by side in the fullscreen dis­play. Drag the black bar be­tween them to ad­just the amount of space al­lo­cated to each.

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