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Smart light­ing sys­tems en­able you to cre­ate light­ing set­tings for re­lax­ing or en­ter­tain­ing at home, and you can pro­gram the lights to switch on and off au­to­mat­i­cally through­out the day. Starter kits for Philips’ Hue sys­tem start at £60 (ap­ and can be ex­tended as your bud­get al­lows to con­trol up to 50 in­di­vid­ual lights pos­si­ble. White and coloured bulbs are avail­able, and there’s a HomeKit Up­grade Bridge (£50, ap­ 1LBq9zZ) for ex­ist­ing Hue users who want to con­trol lights us­ing Siri. El­gato’s Avea sys­tem (from £40, works in a sim­i­lar way, with a whole range of bulbs and lights to pick from, in­clud­ing a wire­less, recharge­able bat­tery-pow­ered light called the Avea Flare

Philips’ Hue sys­tem can con­trol up to 50 lights around your home

(£90), which is suit­able for out­door use. All of them can be con­trolled us­ing your iPhone, iPad or even Ap­ple Watch.

You can take charge of out­door light­ing, too. Ne­tatmo Pres­ence (£TBC, is a light and a cam­era that can au­to­mat­i­cally il­lu­mi­nate the way to your door and keep an eye on visi­tors by send­ing live video to your iOS de­vice. It can store its record­ings on a Mi­croSD card or a per­sonal server.

Some smart light­ing lets you change its colour to suit your ac­tiv­ity, whether that’s host­ing a din­ner party or watch­ing a film.

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