Res­cue low-qual­ity videos

Use VideoGrade to im­prove the colour and qual­ity of your home movies

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One prob­lem with shoot­ing videos is that the world can

be un­co­op­er­a­tive. You might cap­ture a per­fect mo­ment, only to later dis­cover it looks like your video was filmed in a cave, or that a serene liv­ing room scene was set on the sur­face of the sun.

VideoGrade (£4.49) is a tool for ap­ply­ing colour grad­ing to your video record­ings that can rad­i­cally al­ter the way they look. But along with go­ing all ‘Hol­ly­wood’, you can use the app to make sub­tler changes: bright­ness, con­trast and vi­brance set­tings, re­mov­ing colour casts, and im­prov­ing footage by way of ad­just­ments to shad­ows, high­lights and sharp­ness.

This is a Univer­sal app, but you’ll most likely shoot video on iPhone and then edit it on iPad. That means you’ll need to trans­fer videos be­tween de­vices. If us­ing Air­Drop is not pos­si­ble, an­other op­tion is to use iCloud Photo Shar­ing. In Photos on your iPhone, go to the Al­bums tab, open the Videos al­bum, then tap Se­lect fol­lowed by the videos to upload. Next, tap the Share but­ton, choose iCloud Photo Shar­ing and choose New Shared Al­bum. Give this al­bum a name, tap Next twice, then tap Post. If you’ve trans­ferred the videos to your Mac, you can use the same process in its Photos app to get them onto your iPad.

Trans­fer clips an­other way

If a video im­ported to your iPad us­ing iCloud Photo Shar­ing pro­duces an er­ror mes­sage when you ex­port it from VideoGrade, there’s an al­ter­na­tive method for get­ting it into that app. Upload your video from your Mac to Drop­box, then se­lect it in Drop­box on your iPad and tap the Share but­ton, Save Video, then OK. The video will be ex­ported to your Cam­era Roll, which VideoGrade can ac­cess.

Note that re­gard­less of how you get videos onto your iPad, shar­ing and down­load­ing them can take time when they’re longer than a few sec­onds, es­pe­cially if you don’t have a fast in­ter­net con­nec­tion. Don’t throw a load of videos to a cloud ser­vice and ex­pect them to be im­me­di­ately avail­able to work with.

Be­sides go­ing all ‘Hol­ly­wood’, you can make sub­tle changes to im­prove the look of videos

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