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All six cam­eras fol­low a sim­i­lar set-up process, but dif­fer in how they get con­nected to your Wi-Fi net­work: the Ko­dak re­quires you to con­nect your mo­bile to its own in­ter­nal Wi-Fi net­work for the ini­tial con­nec­tion; the other five cam­eras make use of Blue­tooth, al­though you can also plug in the Ne­tatmo to a spare USB port on your Mac to set it up. Both Ca­nary and Arlo Q add an ad­di­tional ver­i­fi­ca­tion step in­volv­ing an au­dio ca­ble and QR code re­spec­tively.

All six mo­bile apps work dif­fer­ently to each other – we found the Ko­dak’s iSe­cu­rity+ app looked some­what dated and clunky in places, while the Ca­nary app was only op­ti­mised for iPhone. The other four apps were all well-de­signed and put key fea­tures within easy reach, but the Logi Cir­cle de­serves spe­cial praise for its fast, re­spon­sive and un­clut­tered in­ter­face.

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