Ex­tend Photos’ ca­pa­bil­i­ties

Make Photos even bet­ter by adding new tools to its reper­toire

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One of El Cap­i­tan’s big­gest en­hance­ments to Photos is the abil­ity to use third-party edit­ing tools in it.

This doesn’t work with ev­ery pic­ture edi­tor, though; each one must pro­vide an edit­ing ex­ten­sion to make its ser­vices avail­able in Photos. To see if any of your apps in­clude one, open Sys­tem Pref­er­ences, click Ex­ten­sions, then se­lect Photos in the list on the left. Put a check mark in the boxes next to those ex­ten­sions you want to make avail­able in Ap­ple’s app.

Next, open an in­di­vid­ual pic­ture in Photos, click Edit in the tool­bar fol­lowed by Ex­ten­sions at the bot­tom of the list of tools on the right, and choose from the list of those you en­abled. (Pick­ing the More item here takes you di­rectly to the Ex­ten­sions pane to man­age them.)

Ex­ten­sions make cer­tain tools from their par­ent app – ei­ther a spe­cific fea­ture or a sub­set of the app’s toolset – avail­able with­out you hav­ing to leave Photos at all. So, you might find your­self ap­ply­ing a fil­ter that achieves a par­tic­u­lar look in an in­stant, or us­ing more in­ter­ac­tive tools that ma­nip­u­late images in ways you’d nor­mally ex­pect in apps like Pho­to­shop, Pix­el­ma­tor or Affin­ity Photo. Edited ver­sions of pic­tures cre­ated us­ing ex­ten­sions are synced to iCloud Photo Li­brary (if it’s en­abled) and ap­pear on your other de­vices, just like the orig­i­nals. The orig­i­nals are still there, though, and you can re­vert them on any de­vice, too.

Affin­ity Photo and DxO Op­tic­sPro each pro­vide a haze re­moval tool. This is Affin­ity Photo’s, run­ning within Ap­ple’s app, com­plete with a drag­gable slider that lets you see be­fore and af­ter views of any part of an im­age.

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