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You aren’t re­stricted to stor­ing all of your photos in one li­brary – by which we mean the li­brary file you see in Finder; you can have only one iCloud Photo Li­brary. So, you could use one li­brary for fam­ily snaps and an­other for com­pe­ti­tion en­tries.

You can make use of this as a rem­edy if your whole col­lec­tion is too large to fit in your iCloud stor­age, though it means mak­ing some hard de­ci­sions about what gets up­loaded and, con­se­quently, is avail­able in an in­stant on all of your de­vices. Only one li­brary file on your Mac can be des­ig­nated as your Sys­tem Photo Li­brary, which is the only one that will sync with iCloud. Oth­ers sim­ply won’t do it. You can’t work with a sin­gle li­brary on your Mac and tell Photos to ex­clude cer­tain things from it go­ing to iCloud, as you might tell Time Cap­sule to ex­clude fold­ers or drives from its back­ups.

To cre­ate a new li­brary, hold å while open­ing Photos. The dia­log that then ap­pears lists known li­braries on your Mac, and con­tains a but­ton to cre­ate a new li­brary. Once you have mul­ti­ple li­braries, you can switch be­tween them just by dou­ble-click­ing one in Finder. the lat­ter op­tion, edit­ing a photo down­loads the orig­i­nal so you can work with the best ver­sion avail­able.

It’s a smart idea to have at least one Mac set to re­ceive photos at their full qual­ity, and to main­tain an off­line backup of that li­brary in case any­thing bad hap­pens to your iCloud ac­count. If space on your Mac’s startup disk is lim­ited, you can move your Sys­tem Photo Li­brary to a larger, ex­ter­nal drive to ac­com­mo­date this.

It’s smart to keep an off­line backup in case prob­lems oc­cur in iCloud

Photos’ al­ter­na­tive startup method re­minds you which are the Sys­tem Photo Li­brary and the last opened li­brary.

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