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The Mac’s built-in photo li­brary and pic­ture edi­tor is still quite young, but it has come a long way in just over a year. Alan Stone­bridge shows you how to make the most of it on your Mac.

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When an es­tab­lished app is re­placed by a ground-up re­write, dis­rup­tion is pretty much inevitable. That’s true even of some­thing seem­ingly in­nocu­ous like soft­ware that or­gan­ises and ed­its your photos.

Though Photos was a ca­pa­ble app in its ini­tial form, it lacked some im­por­tant fea­tures that were present in its pre­de­ces­sor. Ap­ple has since reme­died sev­eral key crit­i­cisms, even go­ing so far as to al­low de­vel­op­ers to aug­ment the app with new edit­ing tools, but even now the work­ings of fea­tures such as iCloud Photo Li­brary can seem ob­tuse. Make a small change to one of Photos’ pref­er­ences and sud­denly things no longer work as you ex­pect.

We’ve dis­tilled the essen­tial info about the app and its con­nec­tions to iCloud to help you get to un­der­stand the ca­pa­bil­i­ties and the foibles of the lat­est ver­sion, which is bun­dled with OS X El Cap­i­tan. If you’ve avoided mi­grat­ing from iPhoto or Aper­ture to their re­place­ment, now’s a good time to re­con­sider your de­ci­sion. And if you’re be­wil­dered by the dif­fer­ences be­tween iCloud Photo Li­brary and My Photo Stream, we ex­plain why you may ac­tu­ally want to use both of them.

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