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Easy your app-fu­elled anx­i­eties with our fixes

When one de­vice tells

an IMAP server to delete

a mes­sage, the change

prop­a­gates to all oth­ers

Why are mes­sages deleted us­ing my iPhone also re­moved from my Mac?

QI have an iPhone 5 run­ning iOS 9.2.1 and bought a new iMac run­ning OS X 10.11.3. When I per­form any ac­tions in Mail on mes­sages in my BT In­ter­net mail­box, such as delet­ing one, that is repli­cated on the other sys­tem too. I of­ten read and delete emails on my phone, only to find that they have also been deleted on my Mac. How can I fix this?

AThe be­hav­iour you de­scribe is cor­rect for IMAP, the pro­to­col you are us­ing to con­nect to your BT In­ter­net ac­count. IMAP servers store mes­sages on the server, en­abling you to ac­cess the same mail­boxes from any de­vice you’ve con­fig­ured to ac­cess your ac­count, such as your iPhone and your Mac. When one mail client, such as Mail on your iPhone, tells the server to delete a mes­sage, all de­vices which ac­cess the same ac­count see the change and the mes­sage is deleted on all of them.

For any­thing dif­fer­ent to hap­pen would re­quire each de­vice to see the mail­box dif­fer­ently, which would rapidly be­come too com­plex to un­der­stand: you might have to delete a mes­sage sev­eral times be­fore it would fi­nally dis­ap­pear from all of your de­vices.

If you want to re­tain a mes­sage for ac­cess later us­ing a dif­fer­ent de­vice, you have two op­tions: you can leave it where it is, and deal with it on that other de­vice later on, delet­ing it when you’re fin­ished with it; or you can move the mes­sage to an­other mail­box, from which it’ll be ac­ces­si­ble on the other de­vice. You can also cre­ate lo­cal mail­boxes to store mes­sages, which re­moves them from your IMAP mail server and so hides them from your iPhone.

Mov­ing mes­sages to a lo­cal mail­box on your Mac lets you keep copies while get­ting rid of them from other de­vices.

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