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The Share menu is sur­pris­ingly com­plex, and some com­po­nent it uses has likely bro­ken

Help! My Share menu looks like a shadow of its for­mer self

QWhen I tried to share an Adobe Pho­to­shop CC doc­u­ment, Finder’s Share menu was a shadow of its usual self, lack­ing all the op­tions such as Air­Drop which might have helped. I also no­ticed that Pho­to­shop was no longer of­fered as an app ca­pa­ble of open­ing the doc­u­ment. What has hap­pened?

AThe Share menu is sur­pris­ingly com­plex, and some com­po­nent it de­pends on has prob­a­bly be­come bro­ken. When work­ing out which meth­ods of shar­ing to in­clude in that menu, Finder first has to iden­tify the file type, so that OS X can then es­tab­lish how such a doc­u­ment could be shared. The fact that Finder’s Open With menu didn’t of­fer Pho­to­shop to open a doc­u­ment in its own for­mat points the fin­ger at that part of the mech­a­nism.

If this hap­pens again, try open­ing the same Share menu on a plain JPEG im­age. If that shows a sim­i­lar prob­lem, all you can do is restart Finder, log out and back in again, or even restart your Mac, if nec­es­sary, to re­store nor­mal func­tion­al­ity. If the prob­lem re­curs, then it’s likely caused by a third-party ex­ten­sion con­flict­ing with this in­tri­cate mech­a­nism, which restart­ing in safe mode (see ap­ should clar­ify. The dif­fi­culty then lies in iden­ti­fy­ing the ex­ten­sion that’s re­spon­si­ble, and up­dat­ing or re­mov­ing it.

If things are fine with a JPEG im­age, the prob­lem re­sults from some­thing in­ter­fer­ing specif­i­cally with Pho­to­shop files, mak­ing Adobe prod­ucts the most likely sus­pects.

It’s also worth check­ing your Mac’s logs in the Con­sole app, around the time the Share menu pro­duced un­ex­pected re­sults, to see if they con­tain any bet­ter clues.

If things like Air­Drop are miss­ing from the Share menu, you’ll need to do some de­tec­tive work to un­cover the cause.

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