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Swipe away your touch­screen trou­bles and rekin­dle your love of Ap­ple’s mo­bile de­vices

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Swipe away your touch­screen trou­bles

Edit the de­fault tem­plate on your Mac, which can sync your la­bel choices to iOS us­ing iCloud

Chang­ing the stan­dard tem­plate for new con­tacts

QI have an iPhone 6 run­ning iOS 9.2.1. When­ever I add a new con­tact on it, the de­fault phone num­ber la­bel that ap­pears is for ‘home fax’, which is the most ob­scure of all the op­tions. Each time I do this I have to man­u­ally se­lect ‘mo­bile’, which is my most com­mon choice. I can­not see how to change the de­faults. Is there a way?

AYes, but you will need to do this us­ing a Mac run­ning a re­cent ver­sion of OS X, such as El Cap­i­tan, as iOS does not cur­rently of­fer any more di­rect so­lu­tion. In­stead you must edit the de­fault tem­plate us­ing Con­tacts for Mac. This also as­sumes you syn­chro­nise your con­tacts be­tween your Mac and iPhone us­ing iCloud.

In Con­tacts on your Mac, open the app’s pref­er­ences, click the Tem­plate tab, then edit the tem­plate, which is used as the de­fault both on your Mac and your iPhone. In your case, se­lect ‘mo­bile’ to make that the de­fault la­bel for a per­son’s tele­phone num­ber. While you’re here, also check the ad­dress for­mat given at the foot of the tem­plate: click its la­bel, place the pointer over Change Ad­dress For­mat, and en­sure that United King­dom is cho­sen so that de­tails are pre­sented cor­rectly.

Close the Pref­er­ences win­dow to save your changes, quit the app, and al­low iCloud a few min­utes to catch up with this. You should then find the field choices you made on your Mac have be­come the de­fault on your iPhone. How­ever, we’ve had mixed re­sults among the team, with some peo­ple’s iOS 9 de­vices not pick­ing up the change, though it has worked fine for oth­ers. Let us know how you get on.

Cur­rently, iPhones and iPads can­not edit the tem­plate used for new con­tacts. That has to be done on a Mac.

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