Withings Body Car­dio

A wave of ex­tra data for fit­ness fans

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£140 from Withings, withings.com/uk MEA­SURES Weight, fat, mus­cle, bone and wa­ter mass, pulse wave ve­loc­ity, air qual­ity

The suc­ces­sor to the WS-50 Smart Body An­a­lyzer sports a leaner physique of its own, and mea­sures more about yours.

It also re­tains the WS-50’s clear dis­play that warns if you’re lean­ing dur­ing a weigh-in.

The Body Car­dio (and the £100 Body in­tro­duced with it) check your wa­ter per­cent­age (a dis­ap­point­ing omis­sion on the WS-50), plus mus­cle and bone mass. Re­sults ap­peared con­sis­tent and re­li­able, and we saw only 0.1kg vari­a­tion be­tween the Car­dio and the WS-50 – the small­est amount they log. Fat mass al­ways showed as a few per­cent less on the Car­dio.

Ex­clu­sive to the Car­dio is Pulse Wave Ve­loc­ity, which tracks the vi­bra­tion along your ar­ter­ies when your heart beats, as an in­di­ca­tion of ar­te­rial elas­tic­ity; rigid might mean you’re at risk. Mea­sure­ments ap­pear only in the Health Mate iOS app. Our re­sults were as ex­pected from our di­a­betes check-ups and stats that are triv­ial to judge. Ad­vice that a weight loss pro­gramme might help our con­di­tion seemed ba­sic, but the app de­tails di­rectly re­lated life­style fac­tors.

We’re not so keen on the use of an in­te­grated bat­tery, though it mat­ters lit­tle day to day.

The Body Car­dio’s height is only slightly re­duced, but it barely reg­is­ters when you step on to it.

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