Bring old pho­tos back to life


£3.99 FROM doo, un­fade.io Made for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Old fam­ily photo al­bums are of­ten in­her­ited with a bonus layer of dust.

Find­ing enough free hours in the day to scan and clean up all the im­ages is hard, but with Un­fade you can make short work of just such a pro­ject.

All you have to do is aim your iPhone (5s or later) at each in­di­vid­ual photo laid out on a flat, well lit sur­face. Un­fade au­to­mat­i­cally grabs a scan, per­forms edge de­tec­tion, then ap­plies a fil­ter to re­store faded colours to life. Scanned pho­tos can be or­gan­ised into al­bums, then saved to your photo li­brary or sent to other apps and cloud ser­vices us­ing the iOS 9 shar­ing ex­ten­sion.

Un­fade does an ad­mirable job with au­to­matic crop: edges mag­net­i­cally snap against the sides and can be man­u­ally ad­justed, with the op­tion to fine-tune us­ing a mag­ni­fier for pre­cise cor­ner se­lec­tion. If you de­sire a bit of a dif­fer­ent look, 25 In­sta­gram-style fil­ters are in­cluded, which can be ap­plied with just a tap.

Over­all we found Un­fade quite use­ful – re­sults were fast and re­mark­ably good qual­ity, although oc­ca­sion­ally the de­fault fil­ter didn’t go quite far enough when restor­ing some im­ages. The app lacks man­ual con­trast, bright­ness, and colour con­trols, and it would also ben­e­fit from an op­tion to ex­clude bor­ders, which cur­rently have to be man­u­ally cropped out.

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