Net­work­ing quick-fire ques­tions

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Can I keep a fi­bre con­nec­tion open in a power cut?

Most fi­bre mo­dem-routers have to be placed where the line en­ters the prop­erty, which may be some dis­tance away from your com­puter, for which you should al­ready have a UPS. To cover the mo­dem-router you'll need to power it from a small UPS that’s suf­fi­cient to keep it run­ning with­out mains power.

Why are in­ter­net up­loads slower than down­loads?

The band­width is split dis­pro­por­tion­ately so that down­load­ing large files is given pri­or­ity, and less of the to­tal is avail­able for up­loads. This is usu­ally re­versed for in­ter­net servers, which de­liver con­tent.

A UPS can keep kit run­ning when mains power cuts out.

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