Bellabeat Leaf $119 (about £90)

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Some smart track­ers have mas­quer­aded as pieces of jew­ellery for a while now, but the fe­male-fo­cussed Bellabeat Leaf is ac­tu­ally aimed at women’s health as well. Bellabeat has built the Leaf to com­ple­ment women’s life­styles, mak­ing the de­vice wear­able as a bracelet or a pen­dant, track­ing sleep, steps, calo­ries and pe­ri­ods ei­ther way. Leaf has no screen, like many other fit­ness bands, so all the data gath­ered is dis­played in its iPhone app, which of­fers a chance to see your goals and stats, but don’t ex­pect the kind of depth seen in a Fit­bit.

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