[ Light­ing & an­gles ]

Il­lu­mi­nat­ing ad­vice on how to en­sure you cap­ture the right mood


Light­ing and fram­ing are cru­cial to cap­tur­ing great-look­ing footage. Our eyes see things dif­fer­ently to a cam­era lens, so it’s vi­tal to spend time with your cam­eras to get things right. Light­ing should be even and flat­ter­ing to your sub­ject. Frame the sub­ject cor­rectly for the sit­u­a­tion; in in­ter­views this of­ten means plac­ing them in the left or right third of the frame. Make sure your cam­era is level, as off-axis footage is of lim­ited use. Don’t be afraid to tweak the white bal­ance of your cam­era to com­pen­sate for light­ing con­di­tions – it’ll save time when edit­ing.

Take some time to set up your light­ing equip­ment so that your sub­ject is shown at their best.

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