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Broad­cast slick shows live from this Mac-based TV stu­dio With mi­moLive you can record the live feed from your Mac and press a key to trig­ger a clip or over­lay

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Boinx mi­moLive is like a TV stu­dio that en­ables you to cre­ate and broad­cast shows di­rectly from

your Mac. It helps you gather a col­lec­tion of as­sets, such as pho­to­graphs, graph­ics and video clips, and then trig­ger them as and when they need to ap­pear in your broad­cast.

For ex­am­ple, you might want to cre­ate a short video se­quence that show­cases the high­lights of your re­cent hol­i­day. The app en­ables you to record the live feed from your Mac’s FaceTime HD cam­era and host your show as a pre­sen­ter, and press a key­board short­cut – or just click on an as­set – to play a pre‑recorded video clip or share a scenic shot dur­ing your broad­cast.

The app’s key pan­els are ar­ranged in a log­i­cal fash­ion. You can drag video clips and stills to the Sources panel on the far left, as well as in­clud­ing live video in­puts from at­tached cam­eras. These sources can then be man­u­ally added to the Layer Stack panel. The abil­ity to or­gan­ise con­tent in lay­ers is valu­able as you can place as­sets above the live video feed layer and over­lay cap­tions, lo­gos and graph­ics on your pro­gramme’s pre­sen­ter. The Layer Stack also pro­vides use­ful graphic tem­plates that you can mod­ify, such as lower third cap­tions, weather icons and pic­ture-in­pic­ture in­serts. All these lay­ers can be trig­gered by click­ing their ad­ja­cent ‘Live’ but­ton at any time dur­ing your broad­cast.

Af­ter se­lect­ing an as­set from the Layer Stack you can fine-tune the way it looks and be­haves in the Placer col­umn. Here you can cre­ate cus­tom key­board short­cuts that will make a par­tic­u­lar as­set go live dur­ing your broad­cast or record­ing. You can choose to have the as­set ap­pear in­stantly or dis­solve in and out. You can also man­u­ally zoom in on an as­set, which en­ables you to lose the edges of the wide-an­gle frame pro­duced by your Mac’s built-in cam­era, for ex­am­ple.

A costly propo­si­tion

You can re­hearse talk­ing to cam­era and trig­ger­ing your as­sets un­til you’re ready to broad­cast. When as­sets from the Layer Stack are live you’ll see them in the Pro­gram Out­put panel. You can choose to record your show as a Quick­Time movie (which you can then tidy up in iMovie). Or it can be streamed live from your Mac to YouTube Live or Face­book Live, pro­vid­ing you’ve set those ser­vices up.

Given the cost of mi­moLive, it may suit or­gan­i­sa­tions more than in­di­vid­u­als. For ex­am­ple, an event’s video tech­ni­cian could use the app it to trig­ger pro­jected video clips, ti­tles and more at pre­cise times dur­ing a live show. If the show pro­gramme changes then the cor­rect as­sets can be eas­ily found in the Layer Stack and pro­jected in a click. Not an event man­ager? The price may put you off.

Af­ter re­hears­ing your show, you can stream it live or record it as a movie for ex­port else­where.

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