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Many years ago I owned a sub­stan­tial vinyl record col­lec­tion. I sold this and re­placed many of my discs with CDs, which were then just ap­pear­ing on the mar­ket. Over time I’ve moved al­most ev­ery­thing to iTunes.

Re­cently it was my daugh­ter’s birth­day and she asked for a turntable as a present. I bought one and when she played one or two of the few al­bums she had it was a real plea­sure to hear them. This set me think­ing and, although my turntable was still con­nected to my sys­tem, it had not been used for at least 15 years. I found that, with a new drive belt, it played as well as ever. I had kept back one or two top-qual­ity vinyl al­bums when the rest were sold, and I was stunned at the dif­fer­ence in qual­ity that the vinyl pro­duced. With­out the com­pres­sion of the CDs or MP3s the sound was so much more sat­is­fy­ing. So, what Mac soft­ware al­lows me to record vinyl at top qual­ity? by AN­DREW PRITCHARD

chris­tian says … Hi An­drew. Your ques­tion comes at a good time, as we looked at con­vert­ing from vinyl in our Septem­ber is­sue ( MF303). As you have an older record player, there nat­u­rally won’t be a USB con­nec­tion on it. So, we rec­om­mend con­nect­ing your Mac to a hi-fi amp with a built-in phono preamp. We give full de­tails of what you need to do in that tu­to­rial, but for soft­ware we used Amadeus Pro (£45, hair­ersoft.com), which has been specif­i­cally made with your prob­lem in mind. Good luck with it, and we hope you en­joy your old tunes on your Mac.

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