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Learn how to get fan­tas­tic iPhone shots like the pros

Mac Format - - PHOTO STREAM -

Po­larr-ise it!

Shaun’s a real fan of Po­larr – and it’s easy to see why. First, choose a fil­ter from the Fil­ters menu (three cir­cles icon). As this is a black-and-white im­age, Po­larr shows you colour casts suit­able for noir shots.

En­hance the vi­gnette

This steam trac­tion en­gine im­age al­ready had a vi­gnette added in Cam­era+. Po­larr gives you more con­trol: tap the Ad­just­ments icon (dial), choose Vi­gnette and you’ll get five val­ues you can change.

Add a gra­di­ent mask

We want to add an aged photo feel by over­ex­pos­ing part of the im­age. Go to Masks on the left, pick Gra­di­ent Mask and po­si­tion and ro­tate the three lines, then close them to­gether for a denser fade.

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