Clas­sic Ap­ple kit given a unique makeover iRis Ro­bot

Mac Format - - PHOTO STREAM -

Part an­gle­poise iMac, part WALL-E, it’s the iRis!

Imag­ine if Ap­ple cre­ated a truly mo­bile per­sonal as­sis­tant that em­bod­ies the com­pany’s sig­na­ture de­sign phi­los­o­phy, as seen in its com­put­ers of old. That’s just what the Ger­man con­cept de­sign­ers at Curved Labs did, and this quirky lit­tle ro­bot is the re­sult. iRis (Siri in re­verse) is based on Ap­ple’s iconic an­gle­poise iMac G4, and moves around in a man­ner sim­i­lar to cutesy pop­u­lar Star Wars droid BB-8. Look­ing at the (purely imag­i­nary) spec sheet, iRis can live broad­cast what­ever it is look­ing at, and can be con­trolled via Siri voice com­mands thanks to its in­te­grated HomeKit sup­port. Beats stereo speak­ers live un­der the spher­i­cal hood, as does a vac­uum cleaner and - oddly - a laser pointer, mean­ing iRis would quickly be­come your cat’s best friend. So, Ap­ple: One Last Thing at the next key­note per­haps? WEB­SITE curved.de

Above: While the world is ob­sessed with ru­mours on an Ap­ple Car, isn’t a handy home ro­bot like iRis much more use­ful for Ap­ple’s core users?

Left: The schemat­ics de­tail the many uses for iRis. A vac­uum cleaner, por­ta­ble mu­sic de­vice, laser pointer and maybe a friend for your pet!

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