Add zoom and pan ef­fects

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1 Add to your time­line

Im­port a 4K res­o­lu­tion clip into iMovie and add it to a project’s time­line. Click the Crop­ping icon above the Viewer, then click the Ken Burns but­ton. Start and End rec­tan­gles will then be over­laid on your clip in the Viewer.

2 Test the move­ment

Press the Space­bar to play the de­fault Ken Burns-style move­ment. The cam­era zooms in slowly at the start and fin­ishes on a close-up. You can con­trol when the move­ment starts and ends, and re­fine its size and di­rec­tion.

3 Split the clip

Click the Re­set but­ton (top right). Next, scrub through the time­line to the point where you want the move­ment to be­gin, then ≈- click the clip and choose Split Clip. The cam­era will re­main static till the split, then be­gin to move.

4 Re­fine the move­ment

Click on the sec­ond part of the split clip, then the Crop­ping tool again, and ap­ply the Ken Burns ef­fect. Click the End rec­tan­gle, then drag its corners in­wards to zoom in tighter. Drag from in­side it to set a pan­ning di­rec­tion.

5 Test the move­ment

Click the check mark in a blue cir­cle (top right) to ap­ply the move­ment, then play your project. The cam­era re­mains static till the split, then be­gins to zoom and pan to the close-up com­po­si­tion you set us­ing the End rec­tan­gle.

6 Make amend­ments

You can change the move­ment with ease. Click the clip’s sec­ond part, se­lect the Crop­ping tool and click Ken Burns, drag and re­size the End rec­tan­gle, and click the check mark. Here we’re zoom­ing in and pan­ning to the far right.

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