What else is slow­ing down my Mac?

Run­ning stuff at lo­gin is only con­ve­nient if they don’t stop other things in their tracks, so let’s look at trim­ming some fat.

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More icons at the right end of the menu bar can mean ex­tra things are start­ing up at lo­gin

Re­duce the num­ber of apps and ser­vices that launch at start up by open­ing Sys­tem Pref­er­ences’ Users & Groups pane, se­lect­ing your ac­count, click­ing Lo­gin Items and re­mov­ing items

you don’t need. Sweep­ing them un­der the vir­tual car­pet by check­ing the Hide box doesn’t ac­tu­ally stop them run­ning.

Be care­ful not to quit vi­tal tools like on­line backup dae­mons that are re­quired to keep in touch with re­mote servers, or apps like Drop­box, which pro­vides the menu bar icon and Finder in­te­gra­tion for au­to­mat­i­cally sync­ing files with the cloud stor­age ser­vice.

A good rule of thumb is that the more icons you have at the right end of the menu bar (aside from sys­tem ones such as Wi-Fi, Blue­tooth, and so on), the more likely it is you’re launch­ing a lot of pro­cesses at the point of log­ging in, each one of which is us­ing a small part of your Mac’s re­sources. Some of these, such as Adobe Cre­ative Cloud or Google Han­gouts, don’t ap­pear in the Lo­gin Items pane, so can’t be dis­abled there. Ei­ther click­ing or ≈- click­ing such items fre­quently brings up a menu, in which a Pref­er­ences op­tion usu­ally lets you dis­able au­to­matic open­ing of the util­ity at lo­gin. Back to ba­sics Switch to light­weight apps. As your Mac ages, it won’t have the nec­es­sary re­sources to run the most re­cent ver­sions of every app, and even com­par­a­tively sim­ple tools, such as Mi­crosoft Word, will launch more slowly when run­ning on the min­i­mum spec­i­fi­ca­tion than they will on the lat­est Macs.

Con­sider switch­ing to light­weight tools, like dis­trac­tion-free word pro­ces­sors or on­line of­fice suites like Google Docs, and if you’re forced to use par­tic­u­lar tools for busi­ness pur­poses, just paste the re­sults into them for a fi­nal pol­ish in that soft­ware (which is ex­actly how this fea­ture was writ­ten).

That doesn’t mean you should put off ap­ply­ing up­dates though. As well as keep­ing your sys­tem safe and re­duc­ing the like­li­hood of los­ing data through ex­ter­nal agents’ ma­li­cious do­ings, these fre­quently make use

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