Sa ve time with Pho­tos in Sierra

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Learn how to pin­point the pic­tures you want

1 Re­visit old mem­o­ries

Pho­tos adds to the Mem­o­ries tab over time, so keep re­turn­ing to that tab to see what it has picked out for you. As time goes by, you’ll see it fill up with large thumb­nails, each with their rel­e­vant date em­bla­zoned across their mid­dle.

2A me­mory at a glance

Dou­ble-click a me­mory to open it, then scroll down to see the pic­tures that Pho­tos has de­cided be­long to­gether, peo­ple it has iden­ti­fied in them, a map show­ing where the pho­tos were taken, and re­lated mem­o­ries.

3 See them on a map

If pho­tos in a me­mory have lo­ca­tion data at­tached, they’ll be plot­ted on a map. Dou­bleclick the map for a closer look, or click Show Nearby Pho­tos to have the app re­veal more from close by but per­haps not in this me­mory.

4 Save me­morable mo­ments

To add a me­mory to your favourites in the Al­bums tab, ≈- click it in the time­line and choose Add to Fa­vorite Mem­o­ries – or click that at the bot­tom of its over­view. Both places also of­fer an op­tion to delete the me­mory.

5 Play as a slideshow

Mem­o­ries aren’t just about gath­er­ing pics in al­bum-like groups. At one’s over­view, click the tool­bar’s Play but­ton, choose a theme – this in­cludes a score, which you can swap for a track from iTunes – and click Play Slideshow.

6 Browse by per­son

Un­der Al­bums, open the Peo­ple al­bum to see faces the app has de­tected. Put the pointer over one, click Add Name and type. Click Add Peo­ple to see more; if sev­eral are the same per­son, hold ç, click them, then Merge & Add.

7 Search by ob­ject or scene

Sierra’s ver­sion of Pho­tos also recog­nises thou­sand of types of ob­ject and scene. In the search bar, en­ter text such as ‘beach’, ‘tree’ or ‘no peo­ple’. The search en­gine is ba­sic in other ways; you can’t en­ter two dis­crete terms.

8 In­spect search re­sults

Among the list of search re­sults will be match­ing items, in­clud­ing slight vari­a­tions on the term you en­tered (such as ‘palm tree’), and counts of matches in each cat­e­gory. Click a search re­sult to see all match­ing pho­tos.

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