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Learn to use the new re­mote con­trol app as a stand-in for your Siri Re­mote

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Use Ap­ple’s new app to con­trol it all – even Siri!

Not long af­ter Ap­ple re­leased the fourth-gen Ap­ple TV, the com­pany promised that a new re­mote con­trol app would be in­tro­duced for the de­vice.

That app is now avail­able from the App Store for free. If you’re us­ing Ap­ple’s lat­est set-top box (the one that runs tvOS and comes with a Siri Re­mote), you should se­ri­ously con­sider us­ing it in­stead of the old Re­mote app – now re­named iTunes Re­mote, and still avail­able on the store if you only want ba­sic nav­i­ga­tion of Ap­ple TV or con­trol of iTunes on your Mac.

The new app works with older mod­els of Ap­ple TV, yet its real ad­van­tage comes when used with the lat­est ver­sion. It en­ables you to ditch the Siri Re­mote and use your iPhone or iPod touch in­stead, be­cause those de­vices in­clude equiv­a­lent sen­sors to the ones used by mo­tion-con­trolled Ap­ple TV games, as well as a mi­cro­phone for talk­ing to Siri.

Per­haps you al­ready find your­self reach­ing for the older Re­mote app when­ever you need to en­ter your Ap­ple ID’s pass­word to pur­chase some­thing from the iTunes Store or the App Store, then switch back to the Siri Re­mote to nav­i­gate by voice or to con­trol a game you just bought. Now you can save your­self hav­ing to jug­gle the two and in­stead do all of these tasks with your iPhone or iPod touch. Also, be­cause the app repli­cates the Siri Re­mote’s in­puts, it can wake your Ap­ple TV, or put the box to sleep with a long press on its Home but­ton.

Sim­pler con­trols for games

For in­ter­ac­tive en­ter­tain­ment, the app uses the adapt­abil­ity of your iOS de­vice’s screen to trim away ex­cess con­trols and present only the track­pad and the two but­tons that work with games. There’s a slight down­side to this, de­pend­ing on your de­vice: in games that use the track­pad to mimic a tra­di­tional di­rec­tional pad, the track­pad’s width can be dif­fi­cult to span un­less you’ve got long thumbs. It’s more com­fort­able on an iPhone SE or a 6/6s, but you may find it bet­ter to in­vest in a gamepad, such as the SteelSeries Nim­bus (see MF295).

Even less en­am­our­ing is that the app isn’t de­signed to re­for­mat it­self for an iPad’s 4:3 dis­play, although you can still use it on an iPad, of course. Of all three iPad sizes, the siz­ing and spac­ing of con­trols feels best on an iPad mini.

To get started, down­load the app by search­ing for ‘Ap­ple TV Re­mote’ on the App Store, or go di­rectly to its page by point­ing Sa­fari at­mote.

iOS de­vices’ sen­sors al­low those de­vices to serve as a sub­sti­tute for the Siri Re­mote

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