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cam­era is best, as it of­fers a higher res­o­lu­tion and pro­vides ac­cess to the flash, which Many­thing will switch on af­ter dark if noise is de­tected dur­ing night-time (con­sider switch­ing to Still Shot mode at night us­ing IFTTT – read on for more de­tails about that – as it’ll pro­duce en­hanced shots in low light con­di­tions).

Fi­nally, how will you se­cure your phone in its de­sired po­si­tion? If there’s not a suit­able spot to prop it up in a dis­creet fash­ion – on a book­shelf, for ex­am­ple – you may find some kind of mount or clamp is re­quired. See Best Buys on the next page for some sug­ges­tions. Once your iOS se­cu­rity cam­era is in­stalled, re­peat the process for any other mo­biles you plan to use to com­plete your se­cu­rity setup.

Mon­i­tor your cam­eras

There are two ways you can keep an eye on your cam­eras while also ad­min­is­ter­ing their set­tings re­motely. The first is through the Many­thing app it­self – choose Viewer in­stead of Cam­era mode (tap the ‘m…’ but­ton in the top-left cor­ner of the app to switch be­tween them) and you’ll be shown a live view from each of your cam­eras, com­plete with phone sta­tus (such as live or standby) and bat­tery life, if ap­pli­ca­ble. Tap one of them to con­tact that cam­era and view its live feed, then tap Events to re­view a list of record­ings.

You’ll see a set­tings but­ton next to each cam­era too. Tap this to tweak the ad­ja­cent cam­era’s set­tings in the same way you would from the cam­era it­self, work­ing through the step-by-step guide on the next page.

You can also view and man­age your cam­eras on your Mac, in a web browser with the Flash Player plug-in in­stalled, by go­ing to many­thing.com – the an­no­tated screen­shot above re­veals the kinds of con­trol you can wield from here.

Ad­vanced fea­tures

The Many­thing app of­fers all the core func­tion­al­ity you need, but you can ex­er­cise even greater con­trol over your cam­eras by con­nect­ing them to ifttt.com (IFTTT, If This Then That, was fea­tured in MF302’ s project). Just add the Many­thing chan­nel to your ac­count on the IFTTT site and you’ll find a large num­ber of trig­gers, ac­tions and recipes you can use or adapt to your own pur­poses. For ex­am­ple, you might con­fig­ure cer­tain cam­eras to only come on at set times of day, or have your cam­era’s flash switch on at night when it de­tects sound. You can even link your cam­eras with other de­vices – for ex­am­ple, to get around your cam­era’s strug­gle to de­tect mo­tion when it’s dark by pair­ing it with a SmartThings mo­tion sen­sor, you can use the SmartThings trig­ger to de­tect move­ment, then pair it with the Many­thing ac­tion that switches on the iOS de­vice’s flash and starts record­ing.

Many­thing scores highly on all key lev­els: its sub­scrip­tion pric­ing’s rel­a­tively in­ex­pen­sive, and it has all the fea­tures you could wish for, is beau­ti­fully de­signed, in­te­grates with other smart home de­vices, and lets your old mo­biles live on in a rel­e­vant and help­ful way, too. What’s not to like?

1 Record­ings win­dow Use the time­line slider at the bot­tom of this pane to jump to record­ings that were trig­gered by mo­tion. 2 Switch de­vice Click this pop-up menu to switch to a dif­fer­ent iPhone or iPad, if you have sev­eral set up. 2 4 3 1 3 Re­view events

Switch to the Events tab to view all record­ings that have been made, and click one to view it from start to fin­ish. 4 Re­mote set­tings

Click Set­tings here to ac­cess com­monly used op­tions, such as switch­ing record­ing modes and be­tween a de­vice’s front and rear cam­eras.

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