Strip down a power mac g4

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Learn how to gut it of elec­tron­ics so you can use it to store stuff

1 The moth­er­board

Un­plug all power and ATA con­nec­tors from the moth­er­board and un­screw the graph­ics card. Un­screw the heat sink and re­move it and the CPU daugh­ter-board. Un­screw the moth­er­board, slide it to­ward the Mac’s front and lift it clear. Undo the two screws for the plate over the small fan and slide it off the mount­ing posts.

2 The op­ti­cal drive

Un­clip the ca­ble for the mo­dem port and re­move the port it­self. Pull down the molex plug for the hard disk to re­move it. Take the chrome back­plate off the op­ti­cal drive chas­sis and undo all the power and data cables. Undo the screws at the drive caddy’s front and back, then slide it out. The big drive fan should also just lift out.

3 PSU and hard disk

At the Mac’s rear, re­move the top hex bolt that se­cures the power sup­ply unit, then undo the sin­gle screw at the other end. Cut the power cables and re­move the power sup­ply. Take out the hard disk, and the drive caddy be­low the op­ti­cal drive bracket. You should now have an empty cabi­net.

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