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23 When you tap Spot­light’s search bar, be­low the sug­ges­tions of apps you might want to use are some of your pre­vi­ous searches. Tap one to per­form it again. 24 At the top right of some groups of re­sults are the words ‘Search in App’. If a group doesn’t in­clude an item you ex­pect to see, tap these words to open the cor­re­spond­ing app and au­to­mat­i­cally per­form the same search in­side it. 25 Spot­light can show re­sults from Wikipedia, Ap­ple’s stores and other on­line sources. If you want to limit it to search­ing your own con­tent, open Set­tings, go to Gen­eral > Spot­light Search, and switch off Sug­ges­tions in Search. 26 No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cen­tre and To­day view each have a Spot­light search bar at the top. This is even avail­able when you open No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cen­tre while in an app, en­abling you to look up things with­out hav­ing to re­turn to the Home screen. 27 While us­ing an app, jump straight to Spot­light with the key­board ready for in­put by slowly drag­ging down­wards from the screen’s top edge un­til you feel a vi­bra­tion, then let go. De­vices with­out 3D Touch lack the con­fir­ma­tional buzz; let go when the search bar reaches its rest­ing po­si­tion. 28 Spot­light can now search your files in iCloud Drive; their con­tents as well as names. If you don’t want this, turn off iCloud Drive’s switch in Set­tings > Gen­eral > Spot­light Search.

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