Seek Com­pactPro

Thermal imag­ing for iPhone


£454 FROM Seek, feat ure S Light­ning con­nec­tor, -40°C to 330°C range

The iPhone’s rear cam­era just keeps get­ting bet­ter, which is good news for pho­tog­ra­phers, but what if your needs lie in other spec­trums of light?

The Seek Com­pactPro thermal imag­ing cam­era is a Light­ning-con­nected lens that of­fers near pro-level thermal imag­ing for iPhone. It’s tiny – think Ol­lo­clip lens size – and the im­ages it’s able to re­pro­duce are pretty stag­ger­ing. You’d ex­pect to see this kind of qual­ity used in de­vices for sur­vey­ors or even en­gi­neer­ing firms.

Thermal imag­ing on the iPhone isn’t a new idea, but cheaper de­vices such as the Flir One ( don’t have any­where near the tem­per­a­ture range and have a lesser res­o­lu­tion than the 320x240 of the Com­pactPro. The 32-de­gree field of view is also rea­son­able, given that most things you would want to look at are likely to be fairly close. Hav­ing said that, the cam­era can see heat from an as­ton­ish­ing 1,800ft away!

There’s a fo­cus ring on the front of the cam­era too, which is ac­tu­ally a bit more nat­u­ral to use than a dig­i­tal fo­cus, and the thermal lens it­self is re­cessed a bit to pre­vent any da­m­age or fin­ger­print­ing.

Plug in the cam­era, open the Seek app and you’ll see tem­per­a­ture around you.

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