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Side­bar favourites in dis­pute

QThe two ver­sions of Finder’s side­bar, list­ing favourites, de­vices, and so on, have some­how be­come dif­fer­ent on my Mac run­ning OS X El Cap­i­tan 10.11.5. Viewed in Finder, that side­bar looks cor­rect, with a sin­gle Desk­top item. How­ever, viewed in an app’s Save di­a­log, the Desk­top item is shown twice un­der Favourites. Why is this, and how can I fix it?

AThis shouldn’t be pos­si­ble, as both those side­bars are gen­er­ated by the same code in OS X, and should be iden­ti­cal. To ver­ify that, start an app, cre­ate a new doc­u­ment, then open the Save di­a­log, po­si­tion­ing it on the left of your screen. Then bring a Finder win­dow to the front on the right, so that you can see both side­bars at once.

Next, choose Finder > Pref­er­ences and click the Side­bar tab. Uncheck the Ap­pli­ca­tions item there; that item should im­me­di­ately dis­ap­pear from Fa­vorites in Finder and the Save di­a­log.

Some­times such pref­er­ences get stuck, and trash­ing the file at ~/Li­brary/Pref­er­ences/ com.ap­ple.Finder.plist (the tilde means your home folder; in Finder, hold å and choose Go > Li­brary) can al­low it to be saved prop­erly. How­ever, the two lo­ca­tions’ be­hav­iour should re­main con­sis­tent and re­li­able even if the pref­er­ences can’t be saved prop­erly.

If the two side­bars don’t be­have iden­ti­cally, your Mac most prob­a­bly still has the re­mains of an old third-party util­ity that mod­i­fies Save di­alogs, such as De­fault Folder X. Restart­ing in Safe mode (hold ß when you hear the startup sound) should dis­able that to con­firm, al­low­ing you to iden­tify and re­move those re­mains.

The side­bars in Finder win­dows and Save di­alogs should re­main in sync, and com­ply with what’s set in Finder’s pref­er­ences.

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