How to fix a faulty folder icon

Mac Format - - GENIUS TIPS - by Marc Sheri­dan

QOS X changed the ap­pear­ance of one of my fold­ers. Although other fold­ers still dis­play with the reg­u­lar, blue icon, my Mu­sic folder now looks like a file. How can I fix this?

AS­elect the folder in the Finder and choose File > Get Info. At the top of the win­dow that opens will be the cur­rent, in­cor­rect icon. Click on that to se­lect it, and then choose Edit > Cut to re­move it. You can also use this ca­pa­bil­ity to ap­ply a cus­tom icon to a file or folder by past­ing a graphic into that im­age well.

Chang­ing icons might in­di­cate un­der­ly­ing disk prob­lems. It’s worth start­ing up your Mac in Re­cov­ery mode (hold ç+R be­fore you hear the startup sound) and run­ning Disk Util­ity’s First Aid tool from there to check and re­pair your startup disk. Once done, restart your Mac as nor­mal.

In­cor­rect, chang­ing icons might in­di­cate there’s an un­der­ly­ing prob­lem to fix on your Mac’s disk

You can also re­verse this process to use your own cus­tom icon: copy an im­age and paste it over the icon at the top.

To re­vert a file or folder’s icon back to its de­fault, se­lect it at the top of Finder’s Get Info di­a­log, then pick Edit > Cut.

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