Why does my key­board per­sist in go­ing back to US lay­out?

Mac Format - - GENIUS TIPS - by Pro­fes­sor HaimBresheeth

QWhen­ever my Mac Pro, an early 2009 model run­ning El Cap­i­tan, starts up it re­verts to us­ing a US key­board. I then set it back to us­ing a UK key­board in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences, which it for­gets the next time it starts up. How can I get it to re­mem­ber the cor­rect lay­out?

AThis usu­ally hap­pens when one of the two key­board pref­er­ence files is cor­rupt. There’s one in Li­brary at the top of your startup disk, and an­other in your user ac­count’s Li­brary, so your Mac knows which to use be­fore and af­ter you log in.

The first to check is the lat­ter. In Finder, hold å and choose Go > Li­brary. Open the Pref­er­ences folder there and lo­cate the file named com.ap­ple.HITool­box.plist; move it else­where, such as Doc­u­ments.

Next, restart your Mac, and set up your key­board nor­mally us­ing the In­put Sources tab in the Key­board pane. That change should per­sist af­ter your next startup or restart. If it doesn’t, you may need to re­move that same file from your ac­count’s Li­brary folder again, and from the Pref­er­ences folder in the top-level Li­brary folder be­fore restart­ing. That’ll change the key­board set­tings that are ap­plied both be­fore you log in, and af­ter­wards.

Key­board prefs are saved in two files, ei­ther or both of which can get cor­rupted and cause lay­out con­fu­sion.

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