Belkin Light­ning Au­dio + Charge Rock­Star

Com­pli­cated name, sim­ple ac­ces­sory


£35 FROM Belkin, FEA­TURES Light­ning con­nec­tor, 2x Light­ning ports

Ap­ple has al­ways thought dif­fer­ently, and the ar­gu­ments over the lack of a 3.5mm head­phone jack in the new iPhone 7 still rage on. We said in our re­view (MF306) that it was ab­so­lutely the right thing to do and that pretty soon we'll all have for­got­ten about that clumsy old port, but we ac­cept the dif­fi­cul­ties pre­sented by hav­ing just one port for charg­ing and au­dio out­put.

Up steps Belkin with its sim­ple so­lu­tion to that co­nun­drum. It looks just like an of­fi­cial Ap­ple cable, which is nice, but it's also a lit­tle in­el­e­gant by that very de­sign. Light­ning ports are tiny, yet this white block is 35mm by 9mm. Some­thing a lit­tle less Ap­ple-like might have yielded a bet­ter­look­ing de­sign, as it does look rather odd plugged into your slen­der-look­ing iPhone. Func­tion­ally, it ad­dresses the charge/play is­sue well for now but it's also rather Ap­ple-priced at £35. Still, there aren’t a lot of op­tions at present.

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