How to Use Con­ti­nu­ity

Mac Format - - APPLE SKILLS -

1 Start set­ting up Auto Un­lock

En­sure your Mac’s Blue­tooth and Wi-Fi are on, then that your Mac and Watch are signed in to iCloud with the same Ap­ple ID (go to  > Sys­tem Prefs > iCloud on your Mac, and the Watch app > Gen­eral > Ap­ple ID on your phone).

2 More Auto Un­lock set­tings

If you haven’t al­ready, set up a pass­code in the Watch app > Pass­code on your iPhone. In  > Sys­tem Prefs > Se­cu­rity & Pri­vacy on your Mac, en­able ‘Al­low your Ap­ple Watch to un­lock…’ and wait for the fea­ture to ac­ti­vate.

3 Set up Hand­off

To use Hand­off, a Mac’s Wi-Fi must be turned on, even if it’s us­ing Eth­er­net for net­work­ing. On your Mac, go to  > Sys­tem Prefs > Gen­eral and turn on ‘Al­low Hand­off be­tween this Mac and your iCloud de­vices’.

5 Set up In­stant Hotspot

On your iPhone, go to Set­tings > Mo­bile Data and turn on the Per­sonal Hotspot fea­ture. From the Wi-Fi icon on your Mac, choose the name of your iPhone. On another iOS de­vice, tap your iPhone’s name in Set­tings > Wi-Fi.

7 Choose de­vices for calls

Pick de­vices on which to make and re­ceive calls. Turn on Calls From iPhone in Face­Time’s prefs on your Mac, and in Set­tings > Face­Time on other iOS de­vices. In­com­ing calls show as a no­ti­fi­ca­tion on a Mac and a call screen on iOS.

4 Switch de­vices for a task

En­able it on iOS in Set­tings > Gen­eral > Hand­off. To move a task from iOS to Mac, click the Dock icon left of Finder’s. The other way, swipe up from the app icon on the Lock screen, or dou­ble-click Home and tap the ban­ner.

6 Phone calls on all de­vices

Sign in to Face­Time on each de­vice us­ing the Ap­ple ID you use for iCloud. En­sure your iPhone and other de­vices are on the same net­work. In Set­tings > Phone > Calls on Other De­vices on the iPhone, en­able ‘Al­low Calls on…’.

8 SMS and MMS, ev­ery­where

Your iMes­sage ac­count in Mes­sages’ prefs (Mac) and Ap­ple ID in Set­tings > Mes­sages > Send & Re­ceive (iOS) must match. In iPhone’s Set­tings > Mes­sages > Text Mes­sage For­ward­ing, en­able de­vices; en­ter the code they re­ceive.

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