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Us­ing a range of tech­nol­ogy in­clud­ing 4G ra­dio an­ten­nas and GPS, your iPhone nearly al­ways knows where you are. With the Find My Friends app, you can share your lo­ca­tion with friends who are us­ing an iOS de­vice or signed in to iCloud.com on a Mac or a PC. You can find out which restau­rant or pub your friends have de­cided on, say, or see how far from home your part­ner is so you know when to start cook­ing. Where pri­vacy is con­cerned, you can con­trol who sees your lo­ca­tion and when. Find My Friends is pre­in­stalled with iOS 9 and higher; if you’ve unin­stalled it, you can reac­quire it from the App Store. The first time you open it you’ll be asked to sign in, so it can work over iCloud. When it asks whether it can use your lo­ca­tion, tap OK. It uses map data from TomTom and others.

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