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This is most prob­a­bly the re­sult of a long-stand­ing and in­fa­mous bug that per­sists in the Mail app

QWe nor­mally col­lect our email us­ing Ap­ple’s Mail with­out any prob­lems. Since chang­ing the pass­word for our email ser­vice, though, we can only re­ceive mes­sages and can’t send any us­ing this method. Oddly, our iPad still works fine, con­nect­ing with the same server. Is this the re­sult of chang­ing the pass­word?

AThis is most prob­a­bly the re­sult of a long-stand­ing and in­fa­mous bug in the Mail app. Al­though the set­tings you're us­ing ap­pear cor­rect, in fact those for the SMTP server, which is used to send out­go­ing mes­sages, are bro­ken. To re­pair them, you need to re­move all the old SMTP server set­tings and re-en­ter the new ones.

En­sure you have a care­ful and com­plete writ­ten record of the cor­rect SMTP server set­tings, check­ing them against those used by your iPad. In Mail on your Mac, choose Mail > Pref­er­ences, go to the Ac­counts tab, select the prob­lem­atic email ser­vice on the left, and open the Out­go­ing Mail Server (SMTP) pop-up menu. In turn, select each item re­lated to the trou­ble­some ser­vice (ig­nore others) and use the – but­ton to delete them. You’ll be left with no servers, or just those for other ser­vices.

Now click the + but­ton to add a new server. Set it up ex­actly as shown on your iPad. Check the other set­tings and click OK. If that doesn’t help, re­peat this, but af­ter re­mov­ing servers, quit Mail, re­open it, then add the new server.

If SMTP server set­tings in Mail look per­fectly cor­rect but you still can’t mes­sages, delete each from the list of SMTP servers and then set up a new one with the same set­tings.

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