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One of the many de­lights of be­ing a Mac owner is that there is al­ways an­other layer of in­trigue hid­den be­hind all the head­line fea­tures, no mat­ter how thor­oughly you ex­plore your sys­tem.

In this ar­ti­cle, we will be look­ing at some of the se­cret trea­sures of the Mac, from hid­den games (in­clud­ing your own dig­i­tal psy­chi­a­trist) to more use­ful fea­tures, such as the abil­ity to nav­i­gate your sys­tem more quickly and sign doc­u­ments.

We will also ex­plore how to ac­ti­vate and down­load off­line text dic­ta­tion and dic­tio­nar­ies in var­i­ous lan­guages, as well as Sierra’s famed Pic­ture in Pic­ture mode, which is the bane of em­ploy­ers ev­ery­where, as it al­lows you to watch stream­ing videos in a dis­crete cor­ner of your desk­top while you work.

None of th­ese fea­tures are par­tic­u­larly harm­ful, nor do they re­quire huge amounts of space. We nev­er­the­less al­ways en­cour­age you to do a full backup of your sys­tem be­fore mak­ing any ma­jor changes.

Many of th­ese fea­tures also as­sume that you’re run­ning the lat­est ver­sion of macOS Sierra on your Mac. If you’re un­cer­tain, go to Ap­ple > App Store, and click on Up­dates to con­firm that every­thing’s in or­der.

If you plan to use the Uni­ver­sal Clip­board fea­ture, you will also need an iOS de­vice, such as an iPhone, run­ning iOS 10 or later.

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