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The top picks for a smarter Ap­ple home

El­gato Eve Door And Win­dow £35 el­

El­gato was one of the first com­pa­nies to sup­port HomeKit, and th­ese lit­tle sen­sors pro­vide an af­ford­able se­cu­rity op­tion. How­ever, you’ll need an Ap­ple TV or HomePod if you want to re­ceive alerts when you’re away from home.

Log­itech Cir­cle 2 £170 log­

The orig­i­nal Cir­cle se­cu­rity cam­era earned our ‘best on test’ award last year, and the new Cir­cle 2 ups the ante by adding sup­port for HomeKit too. Note, it’s only the wired, main­spower model that works with HomeKit.

Nanoleaf Aurora £180

Nanoleaf does make straight­for­ward light bulbs that work with HomeKit, but we re­ally like its multi-coloured Aurora lights too. The Aurora kit con­sists of nine tri­an­gu­lar light­ing pan­els that you can click to­gether like Lego.

Ne­tatmo Starck £159­

De­signed by Philippe Starck (France’s an­swer to Ap­ple’s Jonny Ive), this was the first smart ther­mo­stat to sup­port HomeKit. It’s also one of the most af­ford­able, and Ne­tatmo claims that it can help you save up to 37% on your heat­ing bill.

Philips Hue White Starter Kit £60

Philips dominates the smart light­ing mar­ket with Hue. The Hue range in­cludes all sorts of bulbs, lamps, and light­strips, but you should be­gin with this Starter Kit, which in­cludes two white bulbs and a ‘bridge’ that pro­vides the HomeKit fea­tures.

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