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“How do you like them Ap­ples?”, asks Luis Vil­la­zon (is­sue 315). I much pre­fer mine sweet and crunchy. How­ever, crunchy is some­times in­dica­tive of that heart-stop­ping sound you hear when nos­tal­gic Macs are put back on life­sup­port. Now, I’m go­ing to have to ask re­spect­fully that co­pi­ous snaps of Macs be cur­tailed – maybe to a pretty snap of one or two each is­sue.

Why? Well, I have a prob­lem. Just a peek of a Mac Plus or a Mac SE/30 or an Ap­ple III, will have me scarper­ing up the lad­der into my loft to ca­ress one of them all over again. And once there, that is it. I could be there for days on end. Me and a heap of Ap­ple castoffs. The old age elec­tronic com­puter spawn of the two Steves has me in its spell yet again.

Lastly, is an Ap­ple Lisa re­ally worth a big pile of fifty pound notes? Yikes! I bought an Ap­ple Lisa at an auc­tion 20 years ago – the pre­vi­ous owner no doubt had to kick it out of the prover­bial bed. Af­ter all, as Luis rightly points out, it was an out­rage to use. You needed the pa­tience of a three saints to use it and the pock­ets of a mad­man to ac­tu­ally buy one brand spank­ing new. So, when I find it, l’ll put on my Prince’s re­galia and give my Lisa the kiss of life. But whether she’ll awake af­ter 20 years of dream­less slum­ber, I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted. by Ray HoweS

graham says…

You bet­ter not read Luis’ Love your Mac fea­ture this is­sue then Ray, as he’s try­ing to re­an­i­mate a cache of vin­tage Mac mon­i­tors. Turn to page to page 83 if you dare!

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