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Hav­ing been a Mac user since about 2006 I have watched with dis­ap­point­ment how Macs have never of­fered much stor­age in com­par­i­son with PCs. Although Ap­ple ar­gues in favour of ex­ter­nal stor­age that plugs in, in my ex­pe­ri­ence no mat­ter how good the pro­ces­sor, there are al­ways glitches and by far the best op­tion is on­board stor­age. Yet even with this lat­est iMac of­fer­ing we still only get a pa­thetic 1TB! I have been us­ing a LaCie 5-Big with five x 1.5TB RAID drives as my main backup for up­wards of ten years now and this is now fall­ing way short of my needs. Western Dig­i­tal do 8TB in­ter­nal drives and IBM have de­vel­oped a 200 petabyte stor­age sys­tem, so for the lat­est iMac to just have 1TB on­board is a joke. 1.5TB in­ter­nal drives have been around for many years now so Ap­ple could have at least put them in this lat­est of­fer­ing (no good for me per­son­ally though), in­stead of 1TB or in some Mac mod­els 500GB! As a sound en­gi­neer on­board stor­age is cru­cial for me and even though the web­site sug­gests up to 3TB fu­sion drive, in this day and age that is poor. So I’m now start­ing to look into Linux, although I will test out the lat­est iMac. by Clive Ash­ford

graham says…

Be­ing a sound en­gi­neer, we’d sug­gest that your stor­age needs are quite in­di­vid­ual, Clive. A quick glance at Dell. com re­vealed its 24-inch In­spirons (which are ob­vi­ously de­signed to look like the iMac) also

come with 1TB of stor­age as stan­dard, and, as you say, Ap­ple gives you the op­tion of go­ing up to 3TB.

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