How to: Use iCloud in a web browser


1 Get started

Go to and sign in us­ing your Ap­ple ID. You’ll see a grid of icons rep­re­sent­ing fa­mil­iar apps. Click iCloud Drive to delve into all the files and fold­ers you have stored on iCloud. You can up­load to and down­load from this in­ter­face.

2 View Set­tings

On the main screen, click Set­tings. This gives you an overview of your stor­age sta­tus, and lists the de­vices signed into your ac­count (which can be re­moved by click­ing one and then click­ing the cross but­ton in the De­vices pop-up).

3 Re­store files

If you’ve deleted a file from iCloud (which in­cludes Desk­top or Doc­u­ments, if you’re sync­ing those fold­ers) you’ve 30 days to get it back. Click Re­store Files un­der Ad­vanced in Set­tings. Se­lect the rel­e­vant check­box and then click Re­store.

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